Simple Steps to Solve Common DLL Errors

Simple Steps to Solve Common DLL Errors


The only lasting solution to computer problems that are common and recur often is to learn how to solve them on your own. This will not only prepare you better when you encounter the problem next time, but will also help you avoid them in the future  . Otherwise, you may just keep spending a lot of time and money on experts who will be only too glad to help.

Among the most common problems that a computer user is likely to face are application errors such as DLL errors. Anyone who has worked on a computer for a while will be familiar with these errors. Here are some simple steps that will help you get rid of DLL errors easily.

Look for clues in the error message

Most of the time, PC errors are accompanied by an error message. Read the error message to identify if it provides any hint on what may be wrong. Knowing the cause of the error is half the battle won, when it comes to troubleshooting computer errors.

To understand this better, examples of a few common DLL error messages are shared below:

“mfc80.dll is missing”

“Unable to start the application as faultrepis missing. Reinstall the application to fix the error”

The above DLL error messages tell you that the DLL error has occurred because an application was unable to locate the DLL file. Generally, this happens when the DLL file is missing or corrupt.

You can further zero in on the cause of the error by using the built-in Search utility to determine if the DLL file reported in the error message is present on your computer or not.

If the DLL file is missing, perform the following steps to fix the error:



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